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24 MARCH 2016 


(1 Question) 

Answer questions in NOT MORE than 200 words each. Content of the answer is more important than its length.

Links are provided for reference. Content is also provided for reference. It is in no way a model answer. Just reading a model answer will not help you in writing ideal answers. You should have read enough to write well. That is facilitated via this initiative. You can also use the Internet fruitfully to further enhance and strengthen your answers.

 1.     What is the rationale for terrorist organizations behind attacking public places and killing innocent people? How can our country tackle this challenge to its internal security?







Rationale for terrorist organizations behind attacking public places and killing innocent people

·         The terrorist groups across the globe have been stepping up attacks on civilians, as is evident from the recent Paris and Brussels attacks too.

·         Attacking public places and killing innocent people may appear to be sheer madness.

·         But for groups such as the IS, there is a rationale.

1.       First, not being able to expand the territories of the ‘caliphate’, the IS wants to export terrorism to other countries so as to stay ‘relevant’ and find more recruits.

2.       Second, and more important, the IS is fighting a war against the civilisational values of the modern world. By attacking the public, it wants to create panic in free and open societies, break their social cohesion and then reap the dividends


Two-pronged Response to Terrorism:

·         India has to raise security operations to a higher standard and strengthen cooperation among other countries in fighting terrorist groups such as the IS and al-Qaeda.

·         But this should be done cautiously, without compromising on moral values and imperilling civil liberties.

·         Refusing to give in to the jihadists’ designs is as important as security measures in this fight.




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