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03 May 2017 Keywords



3rd MAY 2017

1.      Panchavadyam

  • orchestra of five instruments
  • temple art form
  • evolved in Kerala.

2.      Thayambaka

  • type of solo chenda
  • Chenda is a cylindrical wooden drum.
  • developed in Kerala

3.      Mizhavu

  • big copper drum
  • played in the Koodiyattam performing art of Kerala

4.      Koodiyattam

  • Sanskrit theatre traditionally performed in Kerala.
  • officially recognised by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.
  • the only surviving specimen of the ancient Sanskrit theatre.
  • finds several mentions in ancient sangam literature

5.      Koothu

  • informal dance structure, which originated in Tamil land.
  • performances generally depict scenes from ancient epics like Ramayana, Mahabharatha and other classical epics.
  • traditionally no dialogues, instead only songs.

6.      "457" visa policy

  • of Australia
  • scrapped by it
  • benefited skilled Indian IT workers

7.      Palestine

  • Two parties:

         Hamas         - Gaza Strip

         Fatah Party - West Bank

8.      Index of Industrial Production (IIP)

  • New base year 2011-12

9.      National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC)

  • launched in 2008
  • public private partnership for promoting skill development
  • registered as a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC)
  • 100% government-funded but accountable to a board that consists of a majority of private sector industry associations.

10.  National Skill Development Fund (NSDF)

  • set up in 2009
  • to raise funds from both government and non-government entities
  • NSDF is required to oversee the work of NSDC
  • Board of trustees of the NSDF consists of three members which includes secretary (department of economic affairs) and the chairman, NSDC

11.  Sharada Prasad Committee

  • constituted by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
  • in May 2016
  • for Rationalisation and Optimization of the Functioning of the Sector Skill Councils
  • Views:

1.       skill councils a ‘hotbed of crony capitalism' that have tried to ‘extract maximum benefit from public funds.'

2.       instances of conflict of interest in the councils' membership base

3.       many skill councils have overlapping roles

4.       "All these public funds have been used without serving the two basic objectives of meeting the exact skill needs of the industry and providing employment to youth."

5.       lacunae in the governance of the NSDF... NSDF is required to oversee the work of NSDC. How can the supervisory body consist of head of the supervised body as a member? The Committee feels that this governance structure compromises with the supervisor role of the NSDF.


1.       scrap all 40 existing skill councils

2.       replaced them by just 21 councils in accordance with the national industrial classification of different sectors,

3.       introduce an oversight mechanism on the NSDC preferably from the central bank

4.         review the NSDC's role and functioning comprehensively with reference to its Memorandum of Association  

5.        Chairman of NSDC should be excludedfrom NSDF



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