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  CULTURE 1. Tipu Sultan‚Äôs armoury 2. Channapatana Toys 3. Geographical Indication 4. Amarnath Yatra 5. Tribal Cooperative Marketing Federation (TRIFED) 6. Bomkai Saree 7. Ikat saree 8. Kantha saree 9. Dokra metal work¬† 10. Lost wax technique 11. Jaipur ‚Äď UNESCO World Heritage Site Tipu Sultan‚Äôs armoury The role played by the 18th century Tipu Sultan‚Äôs armoury, in Mandya, Karnataka near the railway station, during the Anglo-Mysore wars was sgnificant. The armoury, a square-shaped structure about 12 metres wide and 10 metres tall, was one among the many Tipu constructed to store ammunition for battles against the East India Company, represented mainly by the Madras Presidency. The monument was a hindrance to the Bengaluru-Mysuru railway track doubling work for many years as it bisected the alignment of the second track. The nearly 1,000-tonne structure was shifted to another area in March 2017 at a cost of Rs. 13.66 crore. The ‚ÄėUnified Jacking System‚Äô was used for the first time in the country to translocate it by PSL-Wolfe Pvt. Ltd. The structure was excavated and moved using hydraulic cranes and other material. Two years on, the heritage monument is again longing for attention. With weeds and shrubs occupying it, the site is also a dumpyard for waste material such as cigarette packets and liquor bottles. There were clear indications of the area being used for anti-social activities apart from being turned into a public toilet owing to lack of security. Channapatana toys Geographical Indication There are 613 registered GI products in India Amarnath Yatra Tribal Cooperative Marketing Federation (TRIFED) Cooperative help takes tribal crafts to Amazon‚Äôs global marketplace From stunning bomkai, kantha and ikat saris to the geometric shapes of an embroidered Toda shawl, from intricately beaded Bhil jewellery to painstaking Dokra metalwork, the artistic riches of India‚Äôs Adivasi communities will soon be showcased on Amazon‚Äôs global marketplace. The Centre‚Äôs Tribal Cooperative Marketing Federation (TRIFED) signed an agreement to partner with the e-commerce giant‚Äôs Global Selling Programme. These traditional textiles are at the heart of TRIFED‚Äôs turnaround over the last two years. Earlier, the focus was on gift items and assorted handicrafts. The cooperative federation was started in 1987, but for the first two decades, it bought tribal products in bulk from the market and sold them in its retail outlets. ‚ÄúThat was a loss-making proposition. Now we empanel tribal artisans and source directly from them. We pay them a 30% profit, and then sell at an additional mark-up of 10-15% to account for administrative costs,‚ÄĚ Mr. Krishna explained. The number of empanelled artisans has risen to more than three lakh, from 75,000. Already, TRIFED‚Äôs presence on Amazon India since September 2017 has led to annual sales of Rs. 50 lakh on that platform. Now eyeing the global marketplace, design consultants work with adivasi master craftsman to create contemporary patterns from traditional skills. Bomkai Saree Ikat Saree Kantha saree Dokra metal work Lost wax technique Jaipur – UNESCO World Heritage Site Jaipur, celebrated for its grid plan-based architecture and buildingsRead more “CULTURE”

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INTERNATIONAL-ORGANISATIONS 1.         FATF 2.         IMF 3.         World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) 4. International Whaling Commission 5.         Vessels set sail as Japan resumes commercial whaling FATF IMF World Meteorological Organisation (WMO)  International Whaling Commission Vessels set sail as Japan resumes commercial whaling Japan began its first commercial whale hunts in more than three decades, brushing aside outrage over its resumption of a practice that conservationists call cruel and outdated. The first whale has been caught. The country’s Fisheries Agency said it had set a cap for a total catch of 227 whales through the season until late December 2019. The hunts come after Japan’s withdrawal from the International Whaling Commission, a move slammed by anti-whaling activists but welcomed by Japanese whaling communities. Whaling has long proved a diplomatic flashpoint for Tokyo, which says the practice is a Japanese tradition that should not be subject to international interference.

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