Indian Polity Prelims 2019

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Course NameIndian Polity Prelims 2019
Syllabus coverageIndian Polity and Constitution along with One Year Current Affairs Coverage.
Salient features 26 hours of recorded lectures.
Experienced faculty.
Recorded GS lectures in pen drive (available in Google drive)
Soft copy of Current Affairs in PDF format.
Live interactive virtual classes in real-time for doubt clearance.
Private Discussion Forum
Course Fee / Duration Rs 2,500* (One time view + 1 month validity)
Rs 4,000* (Two times view + 3 months validity)
Rs 5,000* (Three times view + 5 months validity)
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Course Curriculum

The course is divided into 36 sessions in total, and will offer personalised guidance and doubt-clearing sessions.

LectureMain TopicSub Topic
1IntroductionWhat is  polity?  What questions are asked in Prelims? Approach. Study Material
2Constitution – Historical EvolutionWhat is constitution , Historical Evolution containing British Acts 1773, 1784, 1833, 1853, 1858, 1861, 1892
3Constitution – Acts of 1909 to 1947

Further evolution of constitution containing acts of 1909, 1919, 1935, 1947.

Constituent assembly and making of constitution

4Constitution – Enactment & Salient Features

Enactment of constitution, enforcement of constitution.

Salient Features of constitution

5Constitution – PreamblePreamble
6Constitution – Adopted Features, Union, States….

Features adopted from which other constitutions


Union, its meaning, status of states and union territories.

Integration of states, formation of new states after independence

7Constitution – Federal System

Federal system and its features

8Constitution – Centre-State RelationCentre State relations – Dynamics of Federalism
9Constitution – Centre-State Relation

Centre State relations – Dynamics of Federalism

Sarkaria Commission, Puncchi Commission few recommendations

Union Territory with special focus on Delhi , current tussle between LG and CM

10Constitution – Special Provisions for StatesSpecial provisions for states Maharashtra Nagaland Kashmir etc.
12Fundamental RightsFundamental Rights
13Fundamental RightsFundamental Rights
14Fundamental RightsFundamental Rights
15DPSP, FDDirective Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Duties
16Amendment to the ConstitutionAmendment to the Constitution including amendment of FR , preamble, Basic structure doctrine
17Emergency provisionsEmergency provisions
18Parliamentary systemParliamentary system includes features of parliamentary and presidential system
19President – Union ExecutivePresident, Vice president, Governor , comparison with president and controversies
20President; Powers & FunctionsPresident, Vice president, Governor , comparison with president and controversies
21Prime Minister, Chief Ministers….Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Council of Ministers in Centre and States, Cabinet and its committees
23Parliament – Presiding OfficerParliament
24Parliament – Powers & FunctionsParliament and State legislatures


Supreme Court and High Court

26Subordinate Courts

Subordinate courts, Judicial activism , pil

Judicial over reach, adventurism, Tribunals, need, imp tri like NGT,

27Panchayati RajPanchayati Raj includes different commissions and 73rd Amendment and its features, criticism, and lacunae
28Urban Local Government

Urban government includes 74th amendment act

Recommendations of ARC 2 about panchayati Raj

29Scheduled & Tribal AreasScheduled and tribal areas, pesa and FRA, pvtg, committees for welfare etc.
30Language issue

Language Issue

National Commission for SCs, STs, proposed Commission For Backward Classes and its analysis

31Constitutional Bodies

Election Commission, state EC


Special officer for linguistic minorities

32Constitutional Bodies

Finance Commission, state FC, recc of 14th FC

Controversy about FC and state allocation of funds

CAG, auditing in India, types, social audit

Attorney General and Solicitor General, Advocate General and privileges

33Non Constitutional BodiesPlanning Commission , NDC background and NITI Aayog composition, functions, few major initiatives and reports
34Non Constitutional  Bodies

National Human Rights Commission, SHRC,

Provisions for Minorities, Anglo Indians, CIC, RTI

35Non Constitutional  BodiesCVC, Lokpal, Lokayukta, Public services in India
36ElectionsElections, political parties, Representation of peoples Acts, pressure groups
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