“Mentorship” Courses

A. A. Shah’s IAS Institute introduces its flagship program for committed IAS aspirants preparing for UPSC CSE.


Answer writing improvement day-by-day





Fee  (Rs.)*


Mains –  Essay





Answer Writing


  • Daily question (except Sunday), total 200 questions for each paper of GS & 50 topics for Essay will be given in softcopy, which will be checked by experts with pointed guidance/ suggestions for improvement of answer writing skill as required in UPSC-CS(M)Exam.
  • Online support by email / portal for answer writing skill, with live interactive virtual lecture (fortnightly) for doubt clearance in answer writing.


  1. Enrolment for individual paper of GS & Essay is also allowed.
  2. As it is only answer writing module so no lectures, no study materials will be provided.)

Rs 12,500



  1. Sincere & dedicated IAS aspirants targeting UPSC CSE
  2. Candidates (only graduates) intending to prepare for 2021
  3. Able to devote time for quality study every day regularly and consistently.
  4. Ready and willing to follow instructions of mentors unfailingly.
  5. Having books as per the list furnished by the Institute.

For details call A A Shah’s IAS Institute


Email: aashahs.ias@gmail.com


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