UPSC Civil Services Prelims Book list On Polity


Sr.No. Book Title Author MRP Availability
1 Social and Political Life – I NCERT Class VI 50 Available
2 Social and Political Life – II NCERT Class VII 50 Available
3 Social and Political Life – III NCERT Class VIII 50 Available
4 Democratic Politics NCERT Class IX 75 Available
5 Democratic Politics – II NCERT Class X 80 Available
6 Political Theory NCERT Class XI 100  Available
7 Indian Constitution at Work NCERT Class XI 100 Available
8 Contemporary World Politics NCERT Class XII 100 Available
9 Politics in India Since Independence NCERT Class XII 125 Available
Sr.No. Book Title Author MRP Availability
1 Our Civic Life NCERT Class VI 50 Available
2 How We Govern Ourselves NCERT Class VII 50 Available
3 Our Country Today Problems And Challenges NCERT Class VIII 60 Available
4 India Constitution And Government NCERT Class X 70 Available
5 Indian Constitution At Work NCERT Class XI 90 Available
6 Indian Constitution And Administration NCERT Class XI 70 Available
7 Democracy In India, Issues And Challenges NCERT Class XII 90 Available

Sr. No.1 Book Title Author
1 Indian Polity Laxmikanth
2 Our Parliament SubhashKashyap
3 The Constitution of India P. M. Bakshi
4 Newspapers & Magazines For Latest Updates.
5 Yojana Publication Division
6 A A SHAH’s Class Notes A. A. Shah’s IAS Institute
Sr. No. Book Title Author
1 Our Judiciary SubhashKashyap
2 Introduction to Constitution D. D. Basu
3 Governance in India M. Laxmikanth