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Free Seminar on UPSC-IAS as career

  • For parents & students aspiring for UPSC-IAS as career.
  • Get answers to your questions from experts.
  • Which stream or subject to chose after SSC?
  • Why to study for UPSC after SSC-FYJC-HSC? 
  • How is it possible to manage UPSC with college study? 
  • Should I shift from Science to Arts to target UPSC?
  • Register Now for Guidance and Counselling Seminar.
  • Get to hotseat of “Kaun Banega IAS” Quiz show to be aired on YouTube https://youtu.be/id__7I6wCaU
  • Register now: call 9004418746 / 9004078746 – A A Shah’s Young IAS

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