Courses for UPSC – Civil Services Exam


for Civil Services Prelims and Mains Exam 2020

"General Studies Pre-cum-Mains" is a holistically planned comprehensive program (a combination of Classroom & Online lectures/tests) for in-depth analytical preparation to match the standards of UPSC civil services examination

Salient Features

  • Experienced & popular faculties from Delhi & other places;
    Economics - Mr. Ayussh Sanghi / Mr. Shahid
    Polity -  Dr. Siddharth Arora / Mr. K. Dubey 
    History -  Mr. Awadh Ojha/ Mr. Vikas Naidu  
    Geography -  Mr. Gulam Rabbani / Ms. Akshita Kohli
    Ecology Environment -  Mr. Neeraj Nachiketa
    Ethics -  Mr. Soubhik Sen
    Internal Security -  Mr. Pavnit Singh
    Science & Technology -  Mr. K. Hidayathulla
    International Relations -  Mr. Rohan Dange
    Essay -  Mr. Rohan Dange
    Current Affairs -  Mrs. Bilquees Khatri
    (These faculties have given their respective confirmation. Their lectures will be scheduled as per their availability)
  • Lectures for basic preparation, based on NCERTs on weekdays to ensure proper & full understanding of the subjects.
  • Daily Current Affairs Analysis lectures based on 'The Hindu' newspaper followed by Daily MCQ Tests with monthly Topic-wise compilation of news (hardcopy) and last-moment revision with important keywords. This year-long exercise is sure to bring in the requisite result.
  • Regular Tests, assignments & periodical surprised tests for Prelims & Mains: NCERT based MCQ Tests, GS & Current Affairs MCQ Tests, Full Length comprehensive tests, regular essay writing & answer writing practice tests will give perfection to your preparation.
  • Updated study materials with extra hand-outs if any to support your study.
  • Experienced, popular & friendly faculties/counsellors/mentors are available and ready for guidance at each stage of your preparation.
  • Reading Room facility is also available.
  • A team of experts & popular faculties supported by experienced & friendly counsellors/mentors with co-operative staff & management make you feel at home (which you can't get even in "Delhi", the so-called hub for UPSC CSE preparation)


Papers covered


  • Paper - I (GS)
  • Paper - II (CSAT)


  • Paper - I (Essay)
  • Paper - II ( GS-I)
  • Paper - III (GS-II)
  • Paper - IV (GS-III)
  • Paper - V (GS-IV)

(Note: Interview training / guidance included for eligible candidates)


From 9 June 2019 till Mains Exams in 2020.
Note: Students having minimum 60% attendance in each segment of classroom as well as online lectures and tests shall be allowed to attend the next batch of 2021 for brush up and revision as per their requirement.

Mode of Teaching

  • GS (Pre & Mains) and Essays : Classroom lectures
  • NCERT : Online / Virtual lectures
  • Current Affairs : Online lectures
  • MCQ Tests : Online
  • Mains Tests : Classroom
  • Surprise Tests: Classroom


(to be paid within 4 months in 4 equal installments)



PrelimsMainsGeneral StudiesOptionalTest SeriesInterviewFree CounsellingPre IAS Foundation (for Undergraduates)

AA SHAH'S IAS INSTITUTE announces Prelims Capsule Course-2019. The course includes:

Salient Features Classroom lectures on Prelims Paper-I (GS) broad areas of History, Polity, Economics, Environment and Ecology, Science and Technology, Geography and Current Affairs covering the probable topics for the exam.

4 Comprehensive Full Length Tests.

Weekend classes for the convenience of working aspirants.

Branch Fort
Schedule Sat-Sun 11am to 7pm commencing from 6 April 2019
Fee Rs 5,000/-

Prelims Capsule Course 2019

Course Name: 60-Days Prelims 2019
Center: Dadar & Thane
Schedule: Sundays only 10 am to 3.30 pm at Dadar
Mon to Fri 8 am to 10.30 am at Thane
Syllabus Coverage: Polity, History, Economics, Geography, Environment.
Salient Features: Experienced faculties for Polity, History, Economics, Geography, Environment.
Full Test Series.
Online Daily Current Affairs Analysis (12 months) by video lecture.
Daily Current Affairs MCQ (12 months)
Suitable for working students.
Fee: Rs.15,000/
Demo Lecture: Demo lecture on Wed 6 March at Thane.
Demo lecture on Sun 10 March at Dadar.

Limited seats. Register now for free demo: A A Shah's IAS Institute, Call: 9004078746 / 9029088746

Prelims 2019 Crash Course

UPSC-CS  (prelims) 2019:

Course Name: Prelims Paper – I  2019
Notification Date: 19 Feb 2019
Exam Date: 2 June 2019
Course Duration: 10 Feb - 26 May 2019 (Mini. 150 hrs)
Course Coverage: Paper-I (GS)
Center:  Fort - Dadar  – Thane
Salient features: Ø  Classroom GS lectures at Thane & Dadar

Ø  Coaching & Guidance by experienced faculties of A A Shah's IAS

Ø  3000+ MCQ (Online)

Ø  Current Affairs Analysis lectures (online)

Ø  Weekly doubt solving session.

Ø  Personal attention.

Ø  100% success provided you attend all lectures, tests & secure minimum 60% marks in each test.

Course fee: Ø  Rs.50,000

Ø  Fee to be deposited Or transferred in the following account
Offer: Ø  Rs.20,000 + GST 18% (Rs.23,600) valid for limited period.

Ø  50% discount in fees in GS Mains course on qualifying Prelims 2019.

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Course coverage:

  •  Mains - Paper- I (Essay)
  •  Paper- II (General Studies I)
  •  Paper- III (General Studies II)
  •  Paper- IV (General Studies III)
  •  Paper- V (General Studies IV)


  • Till 9th September 2019


  • Online Or Offline


  • Fort, Dadar, Thane, Nerul


  • To be announced

Salient Features:

  • 11 Tests
  • Model answers and evaluation.
  • Online discussion by virtual classes.
  • User - friendly system
  • Flexible schedule for test, but there will be common discussion class.

Course Fee:


  • History
    To be updated soon
  • Public Administration
    To be updated soon
  • Geography
    To be updated soon

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IAS aspirants, looking for short - term course for UPSC - Prelims Exam in Hindi may now join


UPSC (Hindi)

Course Name UPSC (Hindi)
Schedule Weekdays
Center Fort
Days Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Syllabus Coverage Prelim - Paper I (GS)
Salient Features Experienced faculties
Low Budget Batch
Short Term Course
Duration 4 Months
Fees Rs.20,000

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