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Practice Mock Tests to Succeed in Prelims 2024

UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exams, 2024

For all IAS aspirants who are attempting UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination, 2024 on 16 June, 2024.

Free UPSC Civil Services Prelims Mock Test 2024. Online Mock Tests also available.

UPSC CS Prelims 2024 exam. A A Shah’s IAS Institute offers free offline mock tests to candidates attempting the exam. GS – Paper I and CSAT Paper II full length tests as per UPSC pattern and syllabus will be held at Dadar, Mumbai.

Practice makes perfect. Test yourself before UPSC tests you. Full length mock tests of General Studies (GS Paper-I) and Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT Paper-II) are offered by A A Shah’s IAS Institute free. Practice Prelims Mock Tests offline in the environment and time frame as that of UPSC with pattern and syllabus of UPSC CS(P) with updated current affairs MCQ, which will build confidence in you to succeed in the exam. Many candidates fail to attempt maximum MCQ, not because they don’t know the correct answer but because they don’t have time to attempt it. It is all due to their speed to read, understand and comprehend the questions to attempt the same. It is not necessary that a candidate should attempt all 100 questions in GS and 80 questions in CSAT. It is because there is negative marking system. Attempting a question just for the sake of attempting is dangerous. Further the latest pattern of MCQ wherein statement/s are given and in the options, it is asked how many are true.

The famous quote of Rabindranath Tagore in his play ‘The King of Dark Chamber’ is “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water” is aptly applicable here. You have to jump into and swim through the exam process. Merely learning and studying the subjects without testing yourself prior to the exam and then directly appearing in the exam may prove fatal. Many candidates attempt online mock test, but they are devoid of the feel of the exam pressure, environment and time management.

Though A A Shah’s IAS Institute is offering online Mock Tests also, we emphasis that you should attempt offline Mock Tests, which is offered free to candidates who are going to appear for Prelims 2024 on 16 June, 2024. For details / registration you may contact us at +91-9004078746.

All the best to each of you…

Practice free UPSC CS Prelims 2024 Mock Tests. Offline and Online Mock Tests are available at A A Shah's IAS Institute, Dadar, Mumbai.

Test yourself before UPSC tests you. Attempt UPSC CS (P) 2024 exam with confidence. Practice free offline mock tests to succeed in the exam.

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